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04.09.2015 Posted by Ficod

The future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, beyond videogames

Although virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were until recently practically limited to the video game industry, its development has opened up new market opportunities. It is therefore not surprising that major technological giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have begun to invest in buying up promising start-ups specialised in the creation of this type of software.

Analysts have predicted that the true virtual and augmented reality revolution will come in 2016, to coincide with the launch of retail sales of Oculus VR glasses. It is expected that after this, market growth will be exponential in both technologies, although AR could become far more profitable due to its imminent entrance into the huge market of smartphone users and the many possibilities this offers.

What then is the main cause of this differentiation? Experts have found the explanation in the individual characteristics of each. While VR immerses the user in virtual worlds, AR places virtual items in the user’s real world, so augmenting it. As a result, virtual reality technology has been mainly used in video games and 3D movies and its use in the future may be limited to this field in particular.


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