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27.11.2015 Posted by Ficod

Microsoft will train the youngest at # FICOD15 We talked to Francisco Arteche

Among the protagonists of this seventh edition of FICOD, is Microsoft, which adds to the agenda this year three workshops for building applications, robotics and video games. We talked to Francisco Arteche, director of consumer channels group company, to see first hand the contribution of Microsoft to # FICOD15 and industry trends. Arteche leads the business of products and services aimed at the end consumer.

Microsoft takes on # FICOD15 three workshops on December 2nd, aimed at children between 12 and 14 years old. The first is a robotics workshop: “your first steps into the world of robotics with Rasberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core” begins at 10:30. The second applications’ workshop to learn how to create your own apps with very simple steps, with the help of AppStudio. It starts at 15:30 and lasts two hours. The third workshop begins at 17:30 and it will teach you to create games with Project Spark.

With these actions Microsoft shows its firm commitment to talent, youth and entrepreneurship. Arteche assures, in this sense, that more than 1,700 Spanish startups have benefited from the aid provided by the US multinational of technology based  start-ups, through its program for entrepreneurs Microsoft Startups/ Bizspark. Seven years ago, Microsoft introduced in Spain this  support initiative and support to entrepreneurs, allowing new companies free access to a wide range of products, services and resources offered by the technology company and its partners in the initiative.

“We want to help entrepreneurs in their conversion into viable and competitive enterprises. For us it is essential to know where the innovation comes from,” he says. Spanish startups can enjoy  up to $ 150,000 completely free in technology products and services of Microsoft, including access to over 900 last generation products, and cloud platform of the technology company. Similarly, support of Microsoft and its partners include legal, consulting, training, connecting with partners and customers worldwide, as well as the opportunity to be part of the seven accelerators in India (Bangalore ), China (Beijing), Europe (Berlin, London, Paris), United States (Seattle) and Israel (Tel Aviv).

What are the reasons for which Microsoft invests in the growth of start-ups?

We make a very strong commitment to entrepreneurship. We know that it is them who are now generating innovation and, moreover, are companies of the future. So, before long, we will revolve around these entrepreneurs with whom we will compete, when they are also big businesses. We help entrepreneurs in their conversion into viable and competitive enterprises. For us it is essential to know where innovation comes. Although we have areas that are dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship is a source that is closest to the needs, able to see what areas of society demand solutions and products. Innovation is in our DNA: one, we generate it ourselves and also turn to other entrepreneurs to inspire us.

One trend that has revolutionized the digital world and is already reaching companies from all areas is the Big Data. What benefits can bring their application in companies?

Organizations need to adopt a strategy to create value from the analysis of the data generated by devices such as smart phones, GPS, wearables, microchip appliances, energy counters and lots of sensors present in our daily lives. The increasing information that involves the use of their own devices by employees is driving companies to seek solutions capable of analyzing the huge amount of data (Big Data) to use them.

To get the most out of the data in this new context, organizations must acquire a culture that encourages data analysis and exploitation through the implementation of a platform that make this information available to all users.

Videojuegos: ¿cree que ha llegado su Edad Dorada?

Undoubtedly, we are in an excellent time for gamers. There is increasing supply, variety and innovations to enjoy a hobby and has become a mass phenomenon, as evidenced by the nearly 10 million games sold in Spain in 2014, according to GFK. We are in the best year for games in the history of Xbox, thanks to a catalog with the return of large franchises.

Microsoft is firmly committed to the VR and the latest technology for Xbox, working with companies such as Oculus and Valve Vr. What are your plans in this area?

We have an agreement with Oculus VR, the Oculus Rift device will not only completely work in a natively way with Windows 10, but also see their performance optimized by DirectX12 games. Additionally, each unit of Oculus Rift will be sold together with an Xbox controller One, and will enjoy this console titles with Oculus via streaming, pretending to be in a “virtual classroom”.

The Kinect devices are being used for both entertainment and research projects or in surgical applications. What other applications are considered viable or are bein studied?

In Spain there have been dozens of projects we have driven through several meetings with entrepreneurs and researchers. Within the health sector, rehabilitation projects have been developed and improved for patients with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer or neurological injuries, motivation through play for children who have to spend long periods in hospital or telecare  applications for the elderly. Other fields, such as tourism, education, marketing and sport, have also found innovative uses for Kinect that demonstrate how technology helps companies and individuals to go even further.

The technology and application of the so-called wearables is rising and even Windows 10 may be applied to these devices. What do you think is the key to success of wearables?

Wearables devices have a market that grows continuously supported every day with new applications that enhance the use of these technologies. Its key to success depends on the content and services that accompany each device and can be of great help to users in their day to day development of these services as the wearable own being so important.

What technology do you think most definitely will mark the next decade?

The most important technologies in the coming years will be those that offer consumers a more personal and mobile experience and, above all, help users get more done in a more efficient manner. For example, the holographic computing not only provides a new type of device never seen before but it provides a new worldview that allows you to create and access information and enjoy entertainment content through gestures and voice. Through fixing holograms in a physical environment.

Where will the technology trends in business? What technologies do you think will benefit most companies in the future?

The rise of digital platforms; the consolidation of cloud computing; the growth of business intelligence technologies associated with Big Data; Internet of things, the emergence of multiple devices that will integrate and improve the user experience and promote mobility and the development of new user interfaces that facilitate interaction with devices through voice, gestures or body movement, they are clear trends that will shape the future of business and users.

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