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02.12.2015 22:05 Posted by Ficod

The latest trends in virtual reality and video games invade FICOD 2015

Virtual reality, new challenges and applications

After living an authentic virtual reality experience through all the activities organized on the different stands in The VR Date space, FICOD attendees had the opportunity to attend a seminar that brought together various professionals in this sector. Oscar Hormigos (The App Date), Edgar Martin (New Horizons VR), Nicolas Alcala (FutureLighthouse), Cristian Dominguez (Virtual Natives) and Xavi Conesa (VISYON 360) were commissioned to delve into the promising future of this technological trend, which in 2016 promises to be play a leading role.

During the session, Óscar Hormigos went the extra mile and compared the moment that VR is currently going through to the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. “With VR we are currently at that year zero, right now virtual reality is a true revolution,” he said.

For his part, Edgar Martin Blas encouraged the public to go through a VR experience and explained that, once he had discovered virtual reality, he decided to leave his job as creative director at Tuenti to professionally work in the development of this technology. “What surprised me most was the feeling it gave me, of how my body was preparing to take a corner,” said Edgar about his first impressions about VR.

Nicolas Alcalá, creator of the movie ‘The Cosmonaut’, the first trans-media and crowd-funding project in Spain, confessed to having the same feeling: “We speak about virtual reality with the illusion of a kid playing with a new toy”. In addition, Nicholas has used his talk to show some images of next project, entitled “Tomorrow”.

Virtual Natives, Cristian Domínguez‘s company, is specialised in another of the major innovations in the sector: 360 videos applied to VR. During his presentation, Cristian explained the multiple possibilities offered by this technology, and not just in the field of video games. As an example, he showed attendees their 360 project created at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital. The video has educational objectives, as students can learn how to operate in an operating theatre as though they were actually there.

Finally, Xavi Conesa reaffirmed that not all virtual reality applications are currently used commercially, as they can also have social goals, although his company, like the others, needs finance and about 80% of its projects are advertising campaigns.


Video games: from the indie phenomenon to the “League of Legends” casters competition

It never has been easier to develop games and enter the global market with a single “click”. In the video game seminar entitled “The Indie Phenomenon”, Bernardo Hernández (El Zerouno), Carles Escribano (PupgamStudios), Enrique Paños (CremaGames), Guillermo Andrades Beneroso (CremaGames), Juan Castillo Abian (MechanicalBoss), Juan Raigada (aheartfulofgames) and Moises Otero Serrano (Drakhar Studio) discussed the latest trends of this great unknown genre.

This is currently the best time for Indie video game studios, though as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. According to Moisés Otero, “there is more and more creative activity in the sector, and the concept of the studio is maturing at a business level. You can’t just create a game with your friends and wait to see what happens. If you don’t know how to sell the product, you’ll never succeed.”

Speakers at the seminar organized by DEV (the Spanish Association of Videogame and Entertainment Software Producers and Developers) agreed with Moses and came to the conclusion that, at present, in the Spanish indie videogame industry there is a lot of creativity and talent but this is of little use if not enhanced with the right marketing team.

One of the activities that generated excitement over the course of the day was the caster (or commentators for the uninitiated) casting for the League of Legends (LOL) video game, organized by the League of Professional Videogames. After selection of the eight finalists, chosen from applicants from around Spain, #FICOD15 was the stage for the final casting. In it, each caster had five minutes of a game to comment over, which was then judged by a jury made up by representatives of the LVP together with Edgar Medina (RiotGames, LOL creator). The winner, Daniel Redondo from Asturias, will accompany LVP as caster at its Gamergy event, to be held shortly in Madrid. Before the casting, various experts in this type of digital entertainment, namely Ángel Quintana and Ibai Llanos (casters), Eduardo Yuguero and Gerard Sinfreu (LVP), debated the state of eSports at the roundtable entitled “Creating the eSports spectacle in Spain.”

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